Saturday, 19 January 2008

Apron swap

So I heard about the Sassy Apron Swap and got pretty damn excited. I prefer to give the things I make away to friends because I enjoy the creating process rather than admiring the finished product, and it gives me motivation to finish my project because I have a deadline, like a birthday... or apron swap! Oh, how I love aprons: they combine two of my loves - cooking and sewing - so when I saw the Sassy Apron Swap for Spring, how could I say no? And it's always exciting getting a parcel in the mail!

The idea is to make an apron and send it to a designated person and in retun you receive an apron from someone else (not who you sent yours to).

The requirements are:

Must be a 'Spring Theme'
Must be hand-made by your hands or those of another crafter
Pre-washed cotton fabric
A pocket of some sort
Embellishments are welcome but not required (rickrack, trims, buttons)
Adult sized apron

Sounds like fun, eh?

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And it's always exciting getting a parcel in the mail.