Thursday, 24 January 2008

Introducing... "Taste Sensations!"

Gib and I play this game called 'Taste sensations' whenever we go down to our local asian grocer or whenever we go out somewhere that we can't read the menu. The aim is to broaden our taste buds and have a good laugh (or cry!!! oh my stomach still wretches at the thought of some of our adventures) and we've had so many good times. Most of the taste sensations we've bought just because of the amusing names, and many have been pleasantly surprising. Some of this stuff you may very well have seen before. Here are a few of our choice buys:

Chocolate filled Collon:

Ohhh hee hee, how juvenile of us! But how can you say no?! They're little wafer biscuity things with a chocolate filling. Well worth buying again.

We had no idea what these were when we bought them, but haven't stopped buying them since. They're a sweet, Japanese rice cake, with a flavoured filling - usually custard, melon or strawberry flavoured. They're not overly sweet and very filling even after one or two, so you don't feel like eating the whole damn pack. Absolutely delicious - highly recommend!!

After discovering this stuff, Gib was drinking it by the slab! It's a fermented soda drink. I can't stand the stuff myself, but clearly Gib has a different opinion. We bought it upon recommendation from a friend, and again, found the name childishly amusing (sounds like "cow p***) so it had to be purchased.

Haw flakes:

Well, you can guess why we got these ones. And they were so cheap so how could I go wrong! Only 50c for a whole packet! They're a Chinese sweet, made from Chinese Hawthorn. Apparently they have many health benefits. They're little round discs, about the size of an Australian 5c piece. Not such a winner in my books, but our pet rat, Mobius, loves them.

Hot Pot:

We discovered a hot pot house next to Glen Waverley station (it's next to the Lucky Cup bubble tea shop), and this is just the epitome of Taste Sensations. A big pot pot of broth, which you can see in the photo, where you order whatever crazy ingredients you want and cook them up yourself and eat it. Regular greens, like bok choy, spinach etc., but also various balls of all sorts of things, strange looking mushrooms, strange looking tofu, delicious home made noodles and sauces. Messy, but so much fun! Here's a photo from last Sunday when Gib and I went out with some of friends.

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Dr. Health said...

They're not overly sweet and very
filling even after one or two, so you
don't feel like eating the whole damn pack.