Monday, 7 April 2008

Look what we found!

I was helping my mother clean out her craft room. It's a large task, as there are many years of crafting and craft books to sort through (as is always the case when you decide to organise a craft room). We're making considerable donations to the local Salvos and Freecycle!

Here are just two of our great finds so far:

The Golden Circle 'Tropical recipe book'.
I couldn't belive my mum owns this book. It was published in 1962 and I think it was my grandmother's originally. This meal has whatever meal you can possibly think of and adds pineapple to it. There's spaghetti with meat sauce tropical (which is literally spag bog with... pineapple.) Rissoles with pinepple. Kidneys with pineapple. Liver and bacon with pineapple. Macaroni cheese and pineapple. Shepherd's pie with pineaaple. And then there's a recipe called "Sweet and pungent lamb". It just never ends! But some of the desserts sound intrigueing... I'm tempted to try some out, like the frangipani pie, which appears to be like a lemon meringue pie but with a coconut cream layer (ohhh yum). The pineapple chocolate cheesecake doesn't do much for me though... hrmm.

The Three Golliwogs - by Enid Blyton.
Oh yes! It's certainly politically incorrect in places, and most of the stories seem to revolve around the same plot of people getting confused because all three gollies look the same. This one will be a keeper. Love it!


kt mac said...

Hi Beth!
I found your blog through the sassy apron swap link - how exciting!
I just wanted to say hi - i like your blog (also your header) and your aprons - the noodle bowl one the most.

please feel free to pop around and say hi!

Katie :)

About Health Blog said...

his meal has whatever meal you can possibly think of and adds pineapple to it.