Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Eye spy... my secret (food) shame

I loved this week's theme. I do have a massive food shame. No, really, it's truly awful, and actually I'm really embarrassed to admit...

I love eating butter. That's right, you heard it:

Beth eats butter. On its own.

Salted butter, of course.

Tragic. I know you're cringing. This is, I think, is my worst habit. In my defense, it's not something you'll find me doing every day (I know the harm of saturated fats), but if I just happen to be cooking with butter, then I've been known (ok, I can't resist) to shave bits off the block and just pop it in my mouth, like thin slices of cheese. There, I said it. It's off my chest.

Thank you, Jade, for helping me admit my shame to the world and Cindy, the wonderful host of Eye spy!


Taccolina said...

Pass the unsalted. Thin, thin slices, right?

Michelle said...

You're not the only one. My daughter Casey just love to eat butter - on its own. And she's not ashamed to admit it although she is only 6. She will quite happily lick the butter off a sandwich and then bring it back and ask for more. It does taste good! ... but in moderation.

Jimmy Trickle said...

I didn't realise this kind of behaviour was shameful. Oops.

Apparently my brother in law - when he was a little kid sitting in the supermarket shopping trolley - picked up the block of butter and just bit into it, paper and all. Now that's commitment.