Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Just amazing...

I've been lying low a bit this week, one of the few times when I have been totally lost for words. Everything seems to pale in comparison to what's been going on around me. It's impossible describe the devastation that the bushfires have caused, but we all have seen the enormity of it so I wont even try.

Courtesy of The Age

It's amazing to watch everyone rally around though to help out. I've been cleaning out the cupboards (which we've been meaning to do for some time anyway), donating old blankets and sheets for the RSPCA, donations to the Red Cross, and scrounging together bits and pieces to furnish a house that Gib's parent's church is offering to fire victims who have lost their homes. I'm absolutely amazed and inspired by the work of Cindy who has established the Handmade Help blog featuring all these wonderful things that wonderful people are making to raise funds, and Meet Me at Mikes for getting together the Handmade Help recipe book.

It truly warms my heart to see the work and efforts of all of these people, and all of the generous actions from the whole community.

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Jenaveve said...

Nice post Beth.

So many bloggers seem to be lost for words - me too.

Though it may be time to get back into 'blogging as usual' as we do everything we can think to help out. It was heart-warming to see the RSPCA website display a 'thanks but no more donations required for now' message as they have been inundated with loving donations. Now that is just incredible! I never would have thought I'd see the day when they would have to do that. But no doubt, in a month's time they will need replenishing.