Sunday, 8 March 2009

Gamer pants!!!!1!!!!11!

We had some friends come around yesterday to play computer games with Gib. While I don't mind some games, yesterday they decided to play Diablo 2, which just leaves me cold. Gib decided to wear his gaming pants, and our friends were very jealous. I offered to make them some, because we know from experience that wearing gaming pants definitely increases gaming prowess, so we took a trip to Spotlight, they bought some polar fleece, and I merrily spent the afternoon sewing their gaming pants while they played away! By late afternoon I'd finished them, and after wearing them around a bit, they decided that their gamer pants had an area affect of +5 to everything (or, for the uninitiated: while wearing the pants, everything around them becomes awesome)

My friend said he wanted the fattest pants possible, so I used the entire width of the fabric for each pant leg. He was very satisfied with the result. Our other friend's fabric, with the little aliens, made my eyes go funny while I was cutting it out hehehe. Here's the lounge room gamer pants photo shoot:


Taccolina said...

Looks like you lot had a right royal riot.

Melanie said...

Lol, I wish I had some gaming pants when I used to go to gaming/lan parties. Now days me and husband game in our jammies so we are ready for bed and if its a new game release we just stay in our jammies for days until we cap it:)
Id have to have trolls on mine.

Bird Bath said...

hehe.sounds like you all had yourselves some good fun!

Jenaveve said...

Now that made me giggle. Gotta love the extra-extra-wide leg pants.

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