Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gluten free failure

In my last post I mentioned that if I succeeded in my gluten free desserts, I'd post awesome photos and recipes etc etc... well, let's just say that I now hate baking with gluten free flours. The desserts looked fine, just like the regular, non-gluten free versions. I've certainly made better tasting things. I think we all know when someone has made something that is a bit below par, however that doesn't warrant ongoing gripes and complaints from the male diners about substandard desserts (except the ones with dietary requirements, who were just happy to have a choice other than 'fresh fruit' for dessert for a change), so it has been decided that they will be doing the cooking at the next get together we have. And they wont be allowed to get take away.

I also tried my hand at meringues that day. They failed too. They totally lacked fluff. They looked like little pink and yellow turds.

...but they weren't nearly as fluffy as the one above.

I think it's on those days you throw in the towel and head down to the store.


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Urrrghhh ... special dietary requirements have become the bane of my life! Sucrose, fructose, egg, nut and wheat free. A piece of cardboard for dessert anyone?!

Beth, I think next time you will have to cheat. At the Mornington Craft Market today I saw "Yummy Treats" who are based in Chirnside Park. They have all sorts of amazing allergen/intolererance friendly cakes, biscuits and desserts. Paradise! (Can send you the details if you like)

Z├ęzette said...

One of the best dinner party desserts I have seen was a bunch of bowls plonked in the middle of the table, each containing one of the following: strawberries, meringues, cream, chocolate sauce, fresh pear slices... and so on. It was grab your bowl and mix and match the bits you like, avoid the ones you don't. Neat solution for a dietary minefield.

I've been meaning to tell you for months that I enjoy your blog, so: I really enjoy your blog!

Lynne S of Oz said...

You blog! Found you cos of B mentioning your cakes. Cool cakes, btw.