Friday, 14 March 2008

A goat from the hills

My friend, Kat, who I gave that kitsch 70's picture to (she adored it), picked me up Saturday morning for a drive to the hills, about 30 mins east of Melbourne. There's a puppet shop on the main street of Sassafrass, called Geppetto's Workshop. I always loved puppets as a kid - there was always something magical about them. Even if I saw the hand go into the puppet, my mind didn't really want to believe that that puppet hadn't just become real on its own! I do have a decent puppet collection of my own now, mostly consisting of bugs and creepy crawlie puppets, but when I saw this guy, how could I resist?

He's just adorable and is currently sitting next to me watching TV. But my new goat friend needs a name.

The company that makes these beautiful puppets is Folkmanis. I'm constantly amazed at the intricies and precise anatomical details they put into their puppets. They have just SO MANY puppets you can choose from - if you can think of an animal (real or mythical!), Folkmanis have made it. They're such beautiful, high quality puppets, and given their standard, the prices aren't outrageous either.

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But my new goat friend needs a name.