Sunday, 21 December 2008

Eye spy a bit of bling

OK, actually, that's a lot of bling. A whole entire shop of bling. This photo was taken earlier this year outside a shop in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo. Yes, everything in that shop window is literally covered in diamantes. We stuck our heads into the shop but it was just way too much bling for us, it was overwhelming.

Bling overload

Between all of the silver diamantes there is a a line from the Queen song, Bicycle Race written down the side: "Bicycle races are coming your way so forget all your duties, oh yeah". Crazy.

Thanks to Miss HB for choosing this week's theme and allowing me to reminisce about Tokyo weirdness, and to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's hilarious! You'd have to be a bit careful about the camera flash going off on all those diamantes.

(This week's theme was clearly tailor made for you!!)

Sharon said...

That's bonkers!

cindy said...

See that is why I love Japan, nothing is ever too crazy, you are just inventive!

handmaiden said...

even too much bling for me......great photo