Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wrapping is totally overrated

I know wrapping totally makes a present special, and I think it's really cute and really appreciate it when other people go to the effort for me (I love that a lot, actually) but when it's the other way I completely lose inspiration. I apologise in advance to any family members who receive presents from me. In fact, recently I gave a friend her Christmas present in a green shopping bag.

Well, it's green. Surely that's festive enough?

I've been seeing all of these awesome bloggers get excited about wrapping and I've been feeling pretty bad about my apathy towards wrapping presents.

Laura over at Bugs & Fishes makes me feel ashamed

So I was very relieved to read Georgie Love's Ultimate Guide to Gift Wrapping: scrunch paper around it, and then sign it from your pet. I like it. It's good to know I'm not the only one.

Georgie Love knows where it's at.

It's tempting.

On the other hand, with certain people, I do tend to go over the top with wrapping. My dad is notorious for weird wrapping, and hates to wrap things unless it's in 100s of layers of paper, or in a giant boxe when you're giving them a match box. He's the master of wrapping things to look like what they are not. Or having little wrapped boxes that lead you around the house, or under the house, that give you a clue to where the next part of the present might be. Last year, Gib and I "wrapped" my dad's present in a wooden box that had to be unscrewed with an electric screw driver. And the wooden box came after about 5 layers of newspaper, and finally Christmas paper.

So I think I inherited my dad's wrapping attitude.


Melanie said...

The dog wrapping the present look is hilarious.

Taccolina said...

Hey, my Dad does that too! It's a guy thing, engineer-guy thing actually. He'd put in bricks, rattlers, smelly things, you name it....

annie said...

I'm absolutely stealing that idea for GrandDad the engineer's birthday! (I read this too late to organize it for Christmas)