Monday, 1 December 2008

Eye spy... what I want for Christmas

I’m excited by Cindy’s new Eye Spy meme! This Christmas I am looking forward to having all of my wonderful family around (my awesome big bro is home for Christmas for the first time in 3 years!), reflect on the good health I’ve been enjoying and give thanks that I have a very comfortable, happy life. But this is what I’ve got my eye on...

This is my dear, bucket of $%@# car.
I really want it back on the road for Christmas.

The whole topic of my car is a bit of a sore spot for me. I bought it second hand from a friend of a friend for cheaps. When I went to re-roadworthy it, every time it was about to be booked it in to VicRoads something would go wrong, like a burst water hose, or dead turbo. About 6 months after it was finally roadworthied, the alternator died, but Mr Fix-it Gib was busy finishing his degree so there was some... delay... in fixing it. A few months after the alternator was repaired there was a problem with the oil pump (we didn't know it was that at the time), which quickly lead to the engine and turbo (again) dying. Since then, the car has been off the road for about 6 months while we've been getting the parts to replace it. It's not so much a cost thing as a time thing, because we and our super cool friend who loves rebuilding cars in his spare time can repair it so that keeps costs low. He just happened to be working on a spare CA engine, you know, for kicks in his spare time, and was happy to finish it off and plonk it in my car. Our crazy friend reckons it will be on the road by Christmas.

Gib and our crazy friend, fixing the car. Again.

I've thought about selling it (but who on earth would buy it in its current state?!), but when it's on the road it's such a beautiful car. I love my car to bits and we've been through so much together. And it's a matter of pride now. To be honest, I think this is going to be one of those times when in about 30 years I'll look back and laugh and say "Haha! Wasn't buying that heap of crap Silvia a poor decision? But wasn't it fun!". And I wont ever be able to give crap to my children for their odd car purchases. It is a freaking cool car though. When it's running.

I should mention that I don't actually use my car all of that often, as I walk to work or carpool with the family, and I'm fortunate enough to live within close proximity to shopping centres, good places to eat and a good train line. Its intention was to always be a weekend car.

But I still want my car back.

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