Friday, 19 September 2008

Autumn Sassy Apron exchange

Sorry it's taken a while to post this one! I haven't had anyone to take a photo of me wearing my lovely new apron til now! The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic: busy writing up some stuff for my PhD, organising a trip to Tasmania in October. I'm heading to Launceston for a weekend long karate seminar and then taking the rest of the week to explore the south of the state, unwind/recover and eat delicious food.

I received my apron from the lovely Amy last Saturday. It had been sitting at home for a few days before I was able to come and pick it up. Oh boy, what a surprise! Amy was asking on her blog which side people liked better, and I can say I love both sides! It's a beautifully made apron, I love the colours and it fits so well too. I've already been wearing it around in the kitchen heaps. Amy was unsure about the pot holder she sent and included an extra potholder and towel (also adorable - I think acorns are so cute!), but I think the one she made s perfect and I have been putting it to great use to rest my pot of tea on.

I honestly don't know who was more excited, my mother or me but Amy had included a copy of The Monster at the End of this Book! My mother loved reading it to me as much as I loved hearing it! Our original copy, passed down through many family members, is now old, faded and falling to bits. It was so wonderful, and so completely unexpected, that she included this book! It has new additions, like flaps and pop ups, and it's just wonderful that I'll have a new copy to share with my own children (whenever they eventually arrive) and just enjoy it for myself in the mean time. Even Gib read it and had a laugh. Thank you so much, Amy, you're a star!

Also last Saturday I got the opportunity to give my swap partner, Hoppo Bumpo, her apron in person! Of all people in the world that could have been my swap partner, and it was someone whose blog I follow and someone just a short drive away from my house. I guess I felt the pressure though, given how lovely all of the Hoppo Bumpo creations are (she can even sew velvet!). I take photos of virtually everything, including everything I make, but silly me totally forgot to take a photo of this apron! Oopsies! That's ok, you can see her photos over here.


cindy said...

Wow, that is the most gorgeous apron ever. You could wear it out and no one would know the difference.
Caleb absolutely loved his book - Thanks

Amy said...

Yay! It looks really good on you! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Its a beautiful apron and very nicely modelled. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I like wearing mine. (I mostly have to wear the red side out as the boys want to look at the little girls on the pockets!)

Jenaveve said...

I like it! Hard to pick - both sides look great. Yeah, acorns are super cute, but I love autumn leaves too.

That's so cool you received the 'Monster' book!!

kt mac said...

so fantastic Amy makes the beautifulest aprons! It looks so lovely on you too I love that apron style :)