Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Food links

Love food hate waste is a website so full of useful tips. Food wastage is something that really makes me bristle. Knowing how to use up leftovers and produce at the end of its shelflife saves you time and money in the future. Simple things like stewing fruit or turning them into muffins - both of which are quick to make and can be frozen - mean you have a quick dessert or snack on hand. Knowing how to make dinner out of whatever is in the fridge or making an entire spare meal to freeze for later not only cleans out those vegetables but means you don't have to cook dinner next week. Or even buy lunch for next week. And don't even start environmental effects of food wastage... it's great to see these sorts of websites and people talking about these issues again, putting out suggestions. Take a look!

I've been dying to make this recipe for Stove-top sweet and spicy beer "baked" beans. I have been oggling this recipe for weeks now, dreaming about what sort of beer would go best. Something rich, like a Coopers, or maybe something a little sweeter like Beez Neez...? I've decided that it's a physical impossibility to buy navy beans - canned or dry - in Melbourne. I think SPC and Heinz must buy out every single little navy bean that comes into the country. So I've decided that cannellini beans it is.

Ever since I embarked up on my gyoza making fad, I just can't get enough of dumplings. Steamed buns, steamed dumplings, lightly fried dumplings, bought, home made, snack or main meal. It really does not matter to me. I have found little links like this one, by Alton Brown (commentator on Iron Chef), and this one featured on (where else but) the Cook and the Chef.

I realised that I haven't read anything from Smitten Kitchen for about a month. Oh my... what I've missed! Reading her website makes me so excited, my heart goes all a-flutter reading her recipes. Everything she cooks is totally divine and her photos are so inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

if you love dumplings, get a copy of the latest/or recent NOtebook magazine. They have a heap of recipes in the back of all different types of dumplings.