Sunday, 28 September 2008

This is: Show off time!

What an exciting topic for this week! I had been looking out my parents' kitchen window, admiring our garden in all of its spring glory and thought, how can I not boast about this?! A few years ago my parents gave Gib and I full reign over the garden, so I'm pretty stoked with the results. Although some of them, as you'll see below, are the result of the lady who owned the house many decades ago. I've only included some photos - there were many more plants looking very pretty, but I've decided to hold out for just a few more weeks so they are looking even more impressive -- and so I don't use up all of my useful post material (not that I have much trouble with that, it's more a matter of finding time, of late!). I should mention that this garden is not a high maintenance garden and only has plants that can look after themselves with very minimal watering (we have water tanks, but it's more a case of remembering to water!)

We have some lovely kangaroo paws that are growing in some sandy soil, westward facing. The yellow and red ones are absolutely thriving, so much so that they are almost falling over from the weight of the flowers. We also a planted a black kangaroo paw species, Macropidia fuliginosa, which hasn't taken off as well as the others (it's a fussy one) however the photo of that one didn't come out so well.

I've blogged before about the plight of my poor Downy Star Bush (it's still alive!), however we've had much more success with another Asterolasia cousin, however I can't remember exactly which species this one is. The flowers, leaves and way the plant grows are virtually the same, except that the leaves aren't quite as furry. I love the cute little pale yellow flowers, so sweet.

This is a bulb that randomly popped up in our front yard. I don't know what it is. The woman who owned our house back in the 70s used to have a magnificent garden full of bulbs. So occasionally we'll have stuff like this just come up. Sucha pretty purple.

Here are some gorgeous fresias. I love their bright pink colour! So happy. About 10 years ago they came up, randomly, like the one above, and they have been flowering annually ever since. We have trained my dad not to mow over them now.

Many times Gib has planted boronias and they have died. This is the first one we've managed to keep alive... and have flower! It's in partial shade, eastward facing, in poor quality soil and is regularly leaned on by Monty the Cat.

This Monty. In a pot. A rare species. Prefers full sun and does not like to be watered.

Thanks to Katie at May the Cloth Be With You for choosing this week's theme, and to Handmaiden who is doing a lovely job filling in for Three Buttons while she's a way.


CurlyPops said...

I love kangaroo's one of my favourite plants but I'm just not very good at gardening.

Bird Bath said...

hehe - Monty looks like a special specimen. I really enjoyed your post. The freesias are gorgeous but kangaroo paw are my favourites too. I have tried a few time to grow them without success. I hear the sandy soil is a must.

Maureen said...

Such exotic vegetation me. Kangaroo paws. Who ever knew there was such a plant???

Your parents garden must be giving you both a lot of joy. Thanks for showing off!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Oh, I love the scent of boronia and freesias. Is that aloe vera that Monty is sitting next to? I hope that wasn't what was in his plant pot too! Ouch!

handmade romance said...

hehe monty in a pot - adorable. must get me one of those!