Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Just a minute... in September

I've decided to join in "Just a minute" hosted by August Street. After sitting back for a couple of months and seeing some of the other players in this meme - and wondering where on earth this month has gone! - I thought it would be a great idea to join in.

Reading... I'm hooked on the Narnia series. I'm up to book five: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And then there's my neverending pile of scientific journal articles to get through at work, which have been my main focus this month. It's so refreshing to exercise my mind with so much information, and I've actually been excited to read too. I guess that's kind of handy if I want to get my PhD completed in a sensible period of time!

Eating... lots of dumplings while catching up with good friends. There are so many good dumpling houses near home and in the city, and I've had lots of friends and family who I needed to catch up with who also enjoy dumplings, so it's just been dumpling month for me. And I still can't get enough! (I'm going again on Thursday!).

Courtesy of ulysses68
Listening... to eastern spine bills, currawongs and magpies first thing in the morning. Mmm and I have been really getting into Sigur Ros again recently. And more generally, Triple J have been playing some quality stuff of late. I'm finding I'm tuning in more again.

Planning... my trip to Tassie in October. It's not long now but many preparations are required. For the first few days Gib and I will be in Launceston doing some karate training, and it's going to be tough both mentally and physically, so we've been covering the physical side by upping our training over the past 6 weeks. My parents are now planning on coming along with us for the "recovery" part of our holiday, where we're heading down south to Hobart - that too could be physically and mentally exhausting (I have to lay down ground rules with my mother not to plan 1000000 things to do in 5 days)... we may need a holiday for the holiday!

Surviving... the flu in 36 hours. I was death warmed up for a day and a half, and woke up the next day with barely a sniffle. I've had the flu vac the last two years, but didn't this year, but I think my previous ones helped speed up my recovery dramatically. Phew! That was a close call. Note to self: get next year's flu shot.

Enjoying... Spring. All of the new flowers come out, early morning jogs with sweet smelling breezes and warmish winds. Gardening. Snuggling with the ratties while I read. Baking. Gin and tonic. Playing games of 500 that nearly cause domestics. Evening walks with Gib, chatting away. Nothing at all to complain about here!

I'll leave you with this photo from a party Gib and I attended, a Hadron Collider party, to celebrate the end of the world because, you know, the world was going to be swallowed up by a giant black hole! It pretty much sums up this month: not so much crafting, lots of friends, a few parties, hanging out with Gib... and work...

(The "dork glasses" were purchased for $2 from the Reject Shop, just in case you want to rush out and purchase some for yourself...)

Go check out August Street to join in!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

It sounds like a pretty good month, especially with all those dumplings! I love that photo! (I might have to invest in some of those glasses).

jesska said...

Sigor Ros is always worth coming back to. I've been getting into the night walks too! Finally getting the weather for it...

CurlyPops said...

Love the photo..running to the reject shop now!

cindy said...

I have been enjoying this meme too. It is scary how quick these months are going. Your trip sounds great.

handmaiden said...

Its still working, just gotta get August St to do the same! Those dumplings are my fav and I had them for lunch yesterday at my fav little dumpling/noodle cafe

sparklygreenknickers said...

Yum, love dumplings!

kt mac said...

Hey Beth, it's been too long since I popped on over here! Thanks for your congrats it really is so exciting - much more 'me' than law. Lucky it hasn't become like your family friend yet - it is weird seeing client's in the shop though and knowing some rather personal stuff thats going on in their life!

Having a laugh over the pic of you and Gib - they are great costumes and you really are so little :)

Hows saving up for camera going? It sounds so good.. just don't spend your savings on fabric now :P

and have fun in Tassie - seriously such a beautiful city.