Thursday, 2 October 2008

It's my fabric stash!

Thought I'd jump in on the Mike's Share your stash! invite. It's been so exciting seeing everyone else's fabric stash. And I confess, after seeing Bug and Pop's link to EmilyMe, I decided to add to mine. However compared to everyone else's, my stash seems a little pathetic...

Yep, two measly tubs of fabrics. But I am young and have many more years worth of fabric hoarding to go. I need to go and purchase a second lockable tub because I really do not like working out of a wash basket. I have been good and have been trying to use up my current stash before rushing out to purchase more. Ever since I organised my fabric into colours it has been so much easier to work out what I can make and what fabrics I can coordinate before buying.

However, the reason why I wanted to join in on this is because for ages I have wanted to share my one prized piece of fabric. Apparently my mum bought it when I was very young and made it into a curtain for my bedroom, but didn't use it for very long so the fabric is still in good shape and hasn't faded at all. I love the design: the dancing birds and bugs, the cute flowers, the happy colours. It's way too cute. The print is called "The Garden Party", but I can't find anything on who designed it or manufactured it. I think it is totally adorable and I have often wondered if it's possible to get it reprinted somehow because I would really love about 50 repeats of it!

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cindy said...

Your mum rocks! That fabric is so cool!
I am glad you found some sweet fabric too, I love EmilyMe. You are so good with your stash, Glen will want you to give me some restraint lessons.

Bird Bath said...

that is a wonderful piece of vintage fabric. funny blue frog!
Your fabric stash won't take long to out - they grow quite well in the dark you know ;)

Tamara said...

your stash is like mine...totally disorganised...but it feels like christmas every time I go through it!

handmade romance said...

This is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing : )