Monday, 27 October 2008

6 random things...

I was tagged by Katie for the 6 random things about me meme. This meme has been doing the rounds a bit, and nearly all of you now have posted 6 random things about yourselves, so I wont tag any of you. Unless you want to join in, of course. It's actually been quite a challenge for me to come up with 6 random things about myself, but here goes...

1. I am really short. As in, less-than-5'-tall type short. Even my mother is taller than me (by an inch). I don't have any medical reasons for being so short: no weird illnesses or obvious defects, back injuries or surgery, no smoking as a teenager to stunt my growth. I'm just short. And Gib is really tall. In fact, there is exactly 35cm difference between us. I'm sure we look completely ridiculous together.

2. I think insects are really cool. I hate touching them or letting them crawl on me, but I love to watch them doing their thing. Beetles are by far my favourite. I love their gorgeous wings, the amazing adaptations to all sorts of terrain, from water, dessert to alpine regions. I love the way they bumble around (Aphex Twin obviously loves this too, he wrote a song that captures it very well - weird hey?). There are so many little critters all around us that we are just so oblivious to all the time.

3. My bedroom is quite messy, but I'm totally anal about keeping my kitchen clean. The bedroom is messy from the clothes I just leave on the floor when I crash into bed, and then from rummaging around in my wardrobe when I'm half asleep in the morning. But the kitchen is a different matter. Knives must be cleaned immediately and returned to their block. Benches clean and cleared. Cupboards organised. If I want to cook dinner or bake, then I just want to cook dinner - not clean for 15 minutes before starting.

4. I love bitter or tart food and drinks. Coffee, broccoli, gin and tonic, beer, Brussels sprouts, cranberry, blood oranges, dark chocolate (think 80% cocoa), limes, rhubarb... mmm yum.

G is for Gin and Tonic. Swell Dame.

5. I have two pet rats. Before you all freak out, I'll let you know that they are very clean, don't smell and are naturally toilet trained. They are very affectionate and smart and they have big personalities. I've had guinea pigs and rabbits in the past, but I much prefer rats as they are far more switched on. I honestly can't think of a better pet for my situation right now: being in my mid-20's with constantly changing living situations (rats are very portable), wanting to take off for the weekend (they can look after themselves for a night or two), and not having the space for, say, a dog, rats make terrific pets. My two girls are very snuggly and playful. They are impossible to take photos of.

Kit and Pip: Impossible to keep still for a photo.

6. My natural hair colour is a revolting mousey blonde/brown that goes a kind of greyish colour if it isn't washed every day. I haven't seen my natural hair colour in about 8 years. I don't understand why L'Oreal stocks a dye in my hair colour, and worse, who buys it?


cindy said...

So many comments to make, my great Aunt was 4'10" and her hubby was 6'2" and they had a long and happy life together.
Caleb had his first rat encounter at the pet shop last week, he was so in rapture with them, epsecially how they were sniffing him though since we already have cats I think it would be a dodgy combination.
I think we must nearly have the same hair colour (except that I have lots of natural highlights also called greys.)

CurlyPops said...

No.6 just cracked me up!

katiecrackernuts said...

There is a height difference between my partner and I too. We look silly together, I am sure. I keep looking at that beetle book on your blog. It looks like my kinda book. I am a neat freak. I can't stand my clothes on the floor. I'm all for hanging them and folding them into drawers. The kitchen. I wish it was clean, but it's got five people - sometimes a lot more - moving through it every day. Rats hey? Remind me if I ever visit? Eeek. You could pour me a G&T to calm me down. Yummo.

Xiola said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog through a blog and another blog etc, etc, you know how it is :)...anyways, I just wanted to say that your ratties look lovely. My blog is Jetta's Nest, named after my now dearly departed rat, Jetta! Rats truly are wonderful little companions.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Loved these! I also love insects, as long as it isn't a cockroach.

I'm with you on number 6 too! Now I'm pregnant, I have my natural colour for the first time in well.... about 20 years! Luckily it's a bit darker now so it's I can just put up with it.