Monday, 27 October 2008

Tasmania Part 2: Animals, bugs and plants

I'm not so sure if this is the most sensible way to present my holiday photos to you, but I'm rolling with it anyway. After Launceston, we picked up my parents and spent 5 days in the south of the state and took a look around Hobart, Port Arthur, Ida Bay, South-West National Park and Bruny Island.

Edit: for some reason blogger photo uploader/flickr is doing something dodgy with my photos so they're a little off-centre, and I can't work out why. You can view the originals here.

In this post I'll show a few of the smaller-scale things (as in, shrub size or smaller) we saw and save the big stuff for my next post. That is a selection of interesting animals, bugs and plants we saw. I don't have any idea about what species any of these things are - except perhaps the echidna - but if you know and want to tell me, please do! We just thought they looked cool. I've mentioned that I love bugs, and we spotted many of those while we were away.

Bumble bees; Bagdad. These things a freaking huge!

Pretty pink flowers; Devil's Kitchen

Echidna; Port Arthur

Cave cricket; Hastings Caves

Fungi; Southwest National Park

Lichen; Creepy Crawly walk (highly recommend!), Southwest National Park

Amazing moss covered tree; Creepy Crawly walk, Southwest National Park

Pretty red flower; Southwest National park

Banksias etc; Bruny Island Lighthouse

One of the numerous beetles of this variety we saw crawling all over Bruny Island Lighthouse

A pea that I know as "egg and bacon"; Fluted Cape walk, Bruny Island

Orchid; Fluted Cape walk, Bruny Island

A purple/blue flower we saw everywhere; Fluted Cape walk, Bruny Island

White wallaby (long way back, a bit of a dodgy shot); Fluted Cape walk, Bruny Island

Caterpillar pretending to be a stem; Old Mill trail, Bruny Island


Taccolina said...

Oh! Two years ago we stayed for a week in one of those cottages at Bruny Island. I've dreamed of going back ever since. Thanks for the photos.

katiecrackernuts said...

How good is it to be outside? Stretch the limbs, move muscles, breathe fresh air. It's a great time of year for it.

Angie said...

Ahh, reminds me of why I live where I live. Thanks for the great photos.

Gina said...

Wonderful photos Beth! You certainly got around and saw some gorgeous places and wildlife! Love the little caterpillar on the dogwood :D