Sunday, 5 October 2008

Stencil-along on hold and other things in my not-as-productive-as-I'd-have-liked weekend

No Mr Robo

So today I finally had time to stencil. I'd been hanging out all week and today I had my design all ready to go, I had made preparations for how to deal with stencils with islands. Then realised Gib had reinstalled windows so had to reinstall drivers/adjust network settings/fuss about with cables etc etc... only to discover that the printer had no ink. It was 4:45pm on a Sunday and no way would I make it to the shops in time to remedy this.

Sorry robo-dude, you're just going to have to wait a little longer...

No printer meant that I couldn't print out the soft baby shoe pattern (I have been asked to make some more!), and so I started cutting out some pieces for a bag I've started making (hear that, Kat!) but didn't get very far beyond cutting out bits. But some things were created on the weekend (not that I did much to help with them, but provided moral support).

Kate's veil

My friend Kate, who is getting married in November, came over Friday night. My mum helped her to make a veil in about 2 hours. I provided food, cups of tea and jovial conversation, while my mum and Kate busily worked away cutting and stitching. All that was left to do in the end was attach the comb. In total it cost her $16 for all materials + $12 for the pattern - and was therefore 10x cheaper than what you can pay in the shops for a veil (She tried on one in a shop that was $300 and looked similar to the one we made - obscene, isn't it?).

Taro taste sensation!

But I did get to try a new Taste Sensation last night. About 2 months ago I finally tried taro for the first time. We spotted it in the shop, took it home then worked out what to do with it later. It was quite bland, but definitely not unpleasant. Last night we were out with some friends at a newish claypot restaurant that's opened up in our area. One of our friends loves taro and he ordered a taro dessert. At first they got the order wrong, and provided this taro dessert (which was just chunks of taro, ice and ice cream... with yes, that is parsley instead of mint)

instead of this one (which still came with parsley on top).

Taste Sensation! verdict: Taro ice cream is really nice - it taste especially with sago, although I'm not so sure about the taro on its own... I don't particularly like the texture, but it could grow on me. I would order this myself in future.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That is the best stencil! Its going to look fantastic ... when you can print it that is! (Tip: K-mart Burwood East are open 24 hours and most likely have printer cartridges. See, you could still do that stencil tonight!!!)

The veil is lovely. And the taro ice-cream with sago sounds pretty interesting. Is taro like sweet potato??

Isis the Scientist said...

The length of that veil is absolutely exquisite and the taro ice cream looks divine!

Dr. Isis

Bellgirl said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Robo, he's very cute! that frogspawn on that icecream? ;)

cindy said...

I will have to let Glen know about the Taro ice-cream. His Dad is fijian and this stuff is pretty huge in their house!
Roboman is so cool too, I can't wait to check him out!

Ellieboo said...

I simply love Mr Robo - he is fantastic and is going to look brilliant stencilled. Can I ask - what software did you use to create him - I am so backward when it comes to this stuff.

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