Friday, 24 October 2008

This is... my favourite movie

I'll choose three favourite movies of mine (in no particular order) because it's so hard to separate them:

  • Run Lola Run. This was the movie that got me listening to electronic music. The soundtrack is awesome. And I adore Lola's character. Almost like a human superhero.

"The plot revolves around a mad scientist, Krank (Daniel Emilfork), who lives in an old oil rig off the coast of a surreal Dickensian French city. Krank does not have the ability to dream, and as a result he is prematurely old. In order to supplement his dream deficit, Krank kidnaps young children in order to study and extract their dreams. Unfortunately for Krank, this scheme fails as the experience of being kidnapped and harangued by the menacing Krank is so traumatic that the children have only nightmares."

  • Pan's Labyrinth: it takes place in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. It's a fairy tale-like story, but I would not let my children (if I had them) watch it. Make sure to have a box of tissues with you while watching this one.

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Melanie said...

these are the kind of movies i think i would like to watch. making a note of it now.