Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Orange vintage love in Launceston

I'll present my trip to Tasmania in themed installments. While I was there I took some photos of some pretty cool blog-related stuff: food, plants... (nothing sewing-related, but I did think up some cool new sewing projects while I was away).

I'll kick it off with the place we were staying at in Launceston. It was a holiday apartment: a residential house split into two. And it was decked out in the most totally awesome vintage gear, and a few granny square and shagpile rugs around too. Everywhere. And all of the accessories were orange. Have I ever mentioned that orange is my favourite colour? There were even orange printed pyrex dishes in the cupboard, however unfortunately the photos of those didn't turn out so well. The orange Corona toilet seat - with matching orange light shade - was what did it for me though.

That light shade is actually orange, not red, but the lighting was awkward

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Gina said...

Some classic pieces there!
My parents have a lime green lamp the same at their shack and their last house had the same loo; but in red and another bright yellow!..all the rage in the late 70s!
Glad you had a lovely time away :D