Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter baking

I hope you all had a good Easter! The weather in Melbourne this Easter has been terrific.

This year we decided not to buy Easter eggs or hot cross buns and it the home made way. Mum made hot cross buns, and on Easter Sunday I decided to make Tsoureki, Greek Easter bread. I know I'm a week early for Greek Easter, but... oh well. I grew up near one of the biggest Greek communities in Melbourne, and love the Greek Easter treats! I prefer caraway in mine, so I used this recipe and added 1/2 tsp caraway seeds to the dough. I didn't have enough eggs, so unfortunately no bright red eggs in the middle either. Although the recipe said it made two large loaves, it only made one. I took a look at some other recipes on the web, and there was definitely half the quantity of flour than the two loaf recipes.

I've never done much work with yeast and bread and all of those things, but I kind of had a theoretical understanding of what's supposed to happen and why, so I was quite please with how the thing rose and came out! Yummo!


Melanie said...

yummo. I made my own hotcross buns that ended up being a loaf( they lost their bun look) it tasted exactly the same as shop bought only no preservatives or weird numbers:)
Your twisty loaf looks like you are a pro at breadmaking.

Taccolina said...

That looks beautiful -- I adore braided bread and pulling the bits apart. And I love caraway! Looks like this is one I've got to try.

Jenaveve said...

Very nice handiwork with the bread there Beth. It looks rather delish!

Hope you enjoyed all the eating and nice weather because by the look of it this morning it's just a little bit crazy out there.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

It looks fabulous - definitely like you have done lots of yeast bakery before. I love the idea of using carraway ... yum!