Wednesday, 15 April 2009

When art and science meet...

When art and science combine. You know I love this stuff. Avert your eyes if you're a little bit shy when it comes to anatomy and things.

I've just stumbled onto this blog: Street Anatomy. I love it.

The site was featured on Boing Boing with a photo of this awesome plaster cast:

Cool hey??

Also on Cake Wrecks a while ago was this weird cake made in a restaurant in Latvia. It's a restaurant with a hospital theme, where all of the cutlery are surgical instruments, and you dine in operating theatres. Creepy. Even too creepy for my tastes.

But the one that cracked me up was this other feature on Cake Wrecks:

"1946. Admiral and Mrs. Blandy celebrate operation crossroads with an atomic cake. This frequently reproduced photograph captures an uncanny resemblance between Mrs. Blandy's hat and the mushroom cloud." From here.

Hahaha! Anyway, hope you're having a good week and settling back into the work routine ok after the Easter break.


Jenaveve said...

Oh dear - an atomic cake... I question their taste (no pun intended).

Yeah I don't think I'd go with the restaurant theme, especially with all those ears and bits on the cake... erk!

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