Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just a minute in... March

Better late than never, eh? I'm hoping I'll scrape in for the March one, given that we're less than a week into April!

Reading... magazines this month. Food magazines. Martial arts magazines. Medical/science magazines. Good for making time fly.

Loving... watching the garden recover in all of this wonderful rain. I'll have to update the photos of my herb garden. Everything has taken off again since the heat. The near-dead thyme is now going bonkers! This is what I love to see:

Rainfall Totals

Lamenting... the dire state my car is in, but having an absolute freaking ball with it at the same time. I've always thought cars are pretty cool beasties, I guess growing up with a family who are all petrol heads. But now I appreciate them on a whole new level. I really am a how-stuff-works kind of gal.

Mmm. Rust.

Creating... girly things. I like doing girly things as much as boy things, really I do (I even managed to work a sewing project into working on cars!). I'm working on an idea for a tshirt, based on a tshirt that's falling apart. Also there's the hoodie scarf idea I've been working on. And arm warmers. So many ideas and half finished projects. They are getting together though.

Learning... to swim. I did learn way back when I was in primary school, but I was always in the group for the really uncoordinated people. The face under the water thing always freaked me out. My friend has started teaching me with a snorkel and mask, which has made things so much easier!

Soon this will be me!

Finishing... the first year of my PhD. I'm no longer on probation. Ethics submissions are now in. Hooray!

Getting back into...
running! I'm all booked in for the Mother's Day Classic. For ages I hated running, but now I love it. I can't stand treadmills though - I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a red hot poker than run on a treadmill - but I love running outdoors. I managed 5km the other day, after a period of inconsistent training, so I was quite pleased with myself. I need new shoes though, because I can feel the curse of tendonitis creeping back.

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Jenaveve said...

Firstly - Congrats are in order for getting through the first year in one piece. Nice work.

And now for all the other great stuff - the hoodie scarf? Now I like the sound of that combo (will it be knitted or sewn up?)

And learning to swim! Man - that's guts. I'm too in the 'wish I could swim a whole lap' category. Good luck!