Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Eye Spy... a magic elixir

When your nose is blocked and you can't taste a damn thing, Vegemite on toast is where it's at. I swear it cures colds (or at least makes them more tolerable)

Courtesy of bababooie

For a general all purpose item though, my favourite is toothpaste! (the non-gel, non-whitening kind)
  • Clean CDs/DVDs
  • Cleaning pencil marks and crayon off walls
  • As an antacid - only use a small amount! (the peppermint, calcite and sodium bicarbonate help neutralise acid late at night when you've had too many nachos and your local supermarket has closed)
  • Cleaning silver
  • Cleaning grime off your sneakers
  • Removing water stains from wood
Thanks Amy for this week's theme, and to Cindy, our lovely Eye Spy host!


CurlyPops said...

Mmmm vegemite toast is a daily staple in my house. If I don't have it for brekky, then I have it for lunch instead.
I have to try out the toothpaste as antacid...sounds good!

Cindy said...

As soon as I feel sick I crave vegemite toast with lots of better - yummm

Bird Bath said...

I must have the good ol' vegimite every morning before I face the day.
And thanks for the toothpaste tips. Sounds like it could do wonders for my walls.

The Crafty Librarian said...

Vegemite on English muffins is a massive cure for a hangover! But I could eat the stuff on everything! I eat it thickly spread. It disgusts some people :oD

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