Monday, 18 February 2008

Floppy sun hat

I made a sun hat. I needed one desperately to protect my delicate, pale skin! I have a bad habit of going out without any protection, getting burned so I look like a lobster (oh yes, I definitely inherited my father's pommy skin!). And let me tell you that there is nothing worse than getting a burnt scalp. The pattern, again, comes from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book. I laughed when it said "Oh you'll need a couple of nights to finish this" and I re-read the instructions and thought "Pfffft! What is she on about? No way will it take that long!". Well I learned why.

The crown was all wrong for my head. It looked plain silly. My head just isn't that long. I kept the top of the hat the same, and the brim (I really liked how the brim came out), and just had to play with the crown a whole lot. But then it didn't stay on properly in strong breezes, so I added some ties. Now I have a nice hat for pottering out and about in the garden in, or snoozing while trying to read a book outside under a tree. It is very comfortable to wear though.


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The crown was all wrong for my head.

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That sun hat looks amazing on you.

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