Thursday, 14 February 2008

No stolen lunches ever again!

My friend Sarah and I have both have problems with people in our workplace stealing our lunches. I don't just understand it! Cool pens get taken from my desk all the time and I can understand that... but food? I'm not even talking about treats, like chocolate... I'm talking sandwiches or tubs of yoghurt. Sure if you have a nectarine and someone else has a nectarine and you get confused and happen to eat the other person's, then sure, fine, that's not really stealing because a) it was unintentional and b) they still have a nectarine. But I'm talking about someone who sees a tub of yoghurt in the staff fridge (not their own) and goes "mmm that looks mighty fine, I think I might just eat that". Sarah is in a small workplace and it still happens to her! She can see in people's little office bins and precisely identify who took that yoghurt, yet they still do it regardless! How bizarre... anyway, to prevent all this hassle, she bought me these:

Now this photo doesn't do them justice. These are REALLY fluoro coloured: bright pink, orange and green. The coolest part is, on the lid there's a little dial with numbers from 1-31 so you can indicate when you put them in the fridge. There's also a little vent on top for microwaving and they're dishwasher safe. Working in scientific research, we have little 'nuclear' and 'biohazard' stickers over everything, so hopefully my colleagues get the hint. But maybe it might backfire and they like my awesome, nerdy tubs so much and will steal them? I think I'll leave the "Warning - experimental meal - consume at own risk" tub for Gib though.


CurlyPops said...

Hi, I just found your blog. Very cool. I love those lunch containers!

Dr. Health said...

I'm not even talking about treats, like chocolate.

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