Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Carnivorous plant developments

The cool thing about having a blog for me is that it's kind of like a lab book. I can detail my methods, make observations and see how things change over time.

Back in May I explained how I took my rather sick scorpioides to a bunch of experts who told me that my poor plant wasn't getting enough light and was growing sparsely. This photo was taken before it got so sick that it lost all of its sticky, bug catching bits. Back then it was sitting in a kitchen window sill in an east facing position. About two months ago we moved it to a warmer, north facing position and despite the fact that its lean is now far worse than before and needs re-potting to correct it (so its new roots are in the ground, not hanging out the side of a pot), it's totally thriving. Look at all of those sticky leaves! And that's a flower sticking out there on the right too.

Scorpioides - May 08

Scorpioides - Nov 08

Then there's the Albany pitcher plant (Cephalotus follicularis) that we picked up in July. Back then it was absolutely tiny, the little pitchers were about 1cm, if that. Now look at it! The big pitchers are about 3cm long now.

Albany pitcher plant - July 08

Albany pitcher plant - November 08

We have a few tubs of Sarracenias (no idea what exact species) that are flowering too. I think the flowers are pretty crazy - peculiar bright green stars, with a weird shaped bit poking out from the middle.

In other carnivorous plant news, a while ago Gina was kind enough to link me this: A gorgeous carnivorous plant calendar by A Print a Day available for download in pdf. I think her work is absolutely gorgeous. She also did some other carnivorous plant prints too in such great colours.


katiecrackernuts said...

Oooh, interesting plants. They make for good drawings. Did you find these at a regular nursery? I've never seen anything like them, though maybe I am looking in the wrong spot because I gravitate toward things I can eat, not things that like to eat.

Bellgirl said...

Those teeny-tiny pitchers are so sweet!

Ren said...

Oh your plants are wonderful!

I'm making my way through all the other 'Veg About' blogs and have just discovered yours - it's great!

Katy said...

What great plants! DO you every worry that one morning you will wake up and one of them will be 2 inches from your head, about to take a bite? mm maybe not!

Gina said...

I really love your scorpioides..it's so delicate. I'm glad you loved the prints too :D

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