Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Week of Happy

I'm a little late jumping in on this, but Meet Me at Mikes is having a Week of Happy! but I have at least been thinking happy thoughts this week and reflecting on what makes me happy. Here's what's been on my happy mind this past week:

Education: My office buddy is from South America and often tells me stories of her time at university in the '70s in police run states, overcrowded lecture halls where people would have to camp out overnight in the theatres to have a place and libraries where you weren’t able to browse books, but had to give a little card to the librarian who then retrieved the book for you. Things that we take for granted. The ability to read freely, understand and question the world around me makes me immensely happy.

Support: I've been hanging out with tons of friends, old and newer friends. Having a wonderful support network of good friends and family makes me happy. My boy and his antics have had me in hysterics (he knows how to ride a fine line between amusing me and infuriating me). We’ve been best friends for years and there’s nothing like hanging out with my best friend!

Good health: I think, right now, is the healthiest and fittest I’ve been and I feel like Little Miss Unstoppable. Perhaps it’s the sunny weather (see below), but it feels good to have good health. I found out recently that my grandmother does not have such good health right now, however as this is Week of Happy I am making the most of my own and my immediate family’s good health!

Sunny weather: the weather makes me unproductive at work, but it makes me happy nonetheless. I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden in the sunshine and the smells of the eucalypts were so good.

Ruud Welton's photo of Melbourne's sunny, blue skies

Dr Isis’ blog giveaways: Dr Isis the Domestic and Laboratory Goddess, who appreciates tight science, nice people and hot shoes, is giving away a pair of (never worn) shoes, in celebration of her move to Scienceblogs. That makes me very happy.

You can be a domestic and laboratory goddess too!


Isis the Scientist said...

Thanks Beth! I can't wait to see who the winner will be!!!

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