Monday, 17 November 2008

Gardening bag - finished!

Well it took me about half an hour to finish off the bag after my frustrations from the other night. I have to say, I was rather pleased with the outcome and may even make one for myself. I hope my cousin who I'm giving it to for Christmas likes it. It has lots of spacious pockets for spades, forks, gloves and fresh flower cuttings. But I reckon it'd make a great bag just for taking out and about too, like for a picnic.

Very straight-forward to sew. Approximate time to make: 3-4 hours.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

It looks terrific - what a great gift.

straykat said...

EEEEEK! I love it!

Melanie said...

awesome. you finished that in good time too. I still have a bag I promised some one i would finish within 6 months and that was a year ago..