Monday, 17 November 2008

This is... my favourite thing from nature

Even though I put forward the topic this week, I actually had no idea what my favourite thing from nature was! However, after much thought, I realised that my interest was very broad and could only be reduced to this: Australian bushland.

Courtesy of wikipedia

There are the muted greens, the dryness of it all, the variation in shapes in the foliage. Then there are the coastal bushes too, with their fat, furry leaves. When I was young, I never ever tired of long family car trips with miles of dried grasses and eucalpyts. As I got older and learned a little bit about native plant physiology (it always comes down to physiology and "how stuff works" for me), the bushland that I had loved as a kid suddenly had a new level of awesomeness. Like learning how the odd features of coastal plants, like their furriness, help them to survive. Or why eucalypts suddenly sprout leaves from their trunk after fire - and look pretty silly - was because of a fascinating process called coppicing, where buds under the surface of the trunk suddenly sprout to compensate for the leaves lost in fire. Actually, all of the eucalpytus' adaptations are pretty cool. It's combined beauty and function makes it a never ending source of fascination for me.

Thanks to Three Buttons for letting me choose this week's theme, and for hosting This is!


Lilli boo said...

Absolutely, your descriptions of the Australian bush are so succinct... your photo captures it all. Thanks for suggesting a great theme this week!

Ellieboo said...

The Australian bush is so different from the landscape I grew up with in England but I love it too. Its a tough environment and its beauty is not traditional, but beautiful it is.

AnastasiaC said...

ahhh yes I agree - its so different from anywhere else and smells & sounds beautiful too...!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

The bush is definitely one of the things I have missed most when I have lived overseas. The trees are so very different to anything you see anywhere else. And there's nothing better than the eucalpyt smell in the rain!