Monday, 26 May 2008

Diabetic castle cake

I finally christened my new Nordic castle bundt cake tin. It was Gib's dad's birthday, but he has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so I made a diabetic-friendly sponge cake with diabetic jelly. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, especially baking a sponge in a bundt tin, a tin that I've never used before, but it worked out fine! The sponge cake recipe was a new one I was trying out and it wasn't as great (it was definitely edible, and tasted good, but not great like my usual recipe).


kt mac said...

wow that (and all your cakes) look so impressive! was it a cake tin, or did you sculpt it together??

Beth J said...

Thanks! But, I cheated *blush*. It's a tin. Check it out:

Nordicware have heaps of really cool looking tins. They're made out of coated cast iron (serious bakeware!!). My mum and I have been eyeing them off for years and finally she bought one before I did (but then I got to use it first - hooray!)

kt mac said...

wow they are pretty cool tins :)
I also like the fairytale cottage one.

Hehe when you said bundt it reminded me of my big fat Greek wedding and the part where the mother exclaims that this cake has a hole in it and then fixes it by putting a pot plant in the middle.

Also with my little baby shoes I used some heavy-duty suede that I got from a warehouse store near us that sells cheap fabric, paint and random things. I think it might have been upholstery fabric because it is strong and quite thick..
The lady I got the pattern from

used leather scraps and said that she has also used fabric. I guess interfacing would make it more durable??
Make sure you post up a pic when your done :)