Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Golden Groceries sells black soy bean noodles!

One of my all time favourite local shops is Golden Groceries. Whenever I find an unusual ingredient in a recipe I've found, these guys always have it. They stock every type of lentil, bean, grain and noodle you can possibly think of and the same goes for herbs and spices. They sell all manner of soy products, curry bases, frozen goods, snacks (Pocky for just $1 a box!) and a small selection of fresh herbs and vegetables, like kai lan, mustard, daikon, kaffir lime, birds eye chilis and all sorts of mushrooms. There is also a small but growing section of reasonably priced organic products (noodles, tea, snacks). But best of all is the owners are totally wonderful people. Whenever I shop there I always come out with a big smile on my face. They are always happy and welcoming, and they'll be able to explain to me what to do with the mysterious foods I'm buying.

One such mysterious food was black soy bean noodles. There was also white soy bean noodles, but why would you buy white noodles when you can have black ones?

So I boiled them up for about 10 minutes and it was great! You could use them for pasta too, as the taste was very pasta-ish. But for my first blay soy bean noodle experience, I chose to put them with a stir fry of garlic, ginger, chili, purple cabbage, red capsicum, green beans and mushrooms. I then stirred through 1/4 cup miso paste and 2 tbsp tamari soy sauce and mixed them in with the noodles. I took it to work for lunch in my lovely yellow Tupperware tub!

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