Friday, 30 May 2008

Fruitastic Fridays

This is (one) reason why I love Fridays so much:

I get my fruit and vegetables - and eggs and honey too! - delivered to my front door by a company called Fruitastic every Friday morning. It's one of the many growing companies around Melbourne who provide this service, but I like Fruitastic because they offer their fruit and veg at the same price as the markets, the quality of the produce is consistently excellent, they don't charge for delivery and you can change your order as many times as you like (up until Wednesday morning). I used to go to the market every Saturday morning, but sometimes the quality wasn't so great, but Fruitastic just have excellent quality all of the time. I just email my order in every week and that's all! Sometimes I have specific things that I want, other times I just ask for a mixed box and it's a surprise what I get.

I really appreciate this type of service. It makes so much sense to have a central warehouse where fresh produce is taken from the growers, and then delivered to your door the same day. As opposed to Farmer --> Supermarket warehouse --> Supermarket --> I drive to supermarket and back. Not only is my food fresher and better quality, but it reduces all of those food miles!


CurlyPops said...

I get a similar type of service once a's a godsend and such a timesaver!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Jim here from Fruitastic,

I have just stumbled across your post here, and i am for ever grateful,

to all who read this and are interested, please let me know this is where you heard about us, and I will offer a 50% off 1st delivery as opposed to 20% off.

please check out our web site at, and feel free to contact us,

thanks again Beth, I am glad we are doing the right thing,


Fruitastic Home Deliveries.