Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Taste Sensations! - Japanese snacks

I'm finally catching up and getting my photos sorted. A picture tells a thousand words, so this will be a pictorial post of some of the snacks we had in Japan. Most of the snacks we found were just so sickly sweet that we couldn't bring ourselves to buy them (I don't have a big sweet tooth - give me savoury!).

UFO 2 minute noodles - Japan's 2 minute noodles are simply far superior to Australia's!

Meiji Orange Chocolate - White chocolate with orange flavouring... yummo

Pokemon crispy things - We liked the cute packaging.

Green donut from Mister Donut - Can't remember exactly what's it is

Banana and cream crepes from AM-PM - A cheap and delicious but not so healthy breakfast.

Panda biscuits - These were cool. Chocolate on one side and biscuit on the other but both sides look like pandas!

Strawberries - The strawberries were just amazing in Japan. So amazingly sweet you'd almost think they were fake! We ate so many.

Soyjoy - an oxymoron?

Chocolate candy ball things (the packet down the bottom) - These looked suspiciously like my own little tablets...

Strawberry sponge cake - Kyoto was full of delicious cake shops. This came with a packet of dry ice to keep it cool on the way home. Perhaps a little overpackaged!

A little scone like thing that had ginger and some seed inside, with sugar sprinkled on top.

Birthday cakes - or is that birthday bread? I didn't understand these.

Fish type thing - I can't remember what these are called! But our Japanese friend, Erika, explained that these are a very old snack. They are something between a doughnut and cake, with different fillings (custard, red bean, chocolate) and taste delicious.

Choco pie - Perhaps a relative of Fresh Pie, but not anywhere near as good.

Tokyo banana - There were always massive queues for these so of course we had to try them. These are a bit of a gourmet treat of a little sponge cake filled with banana flavoured custard. Delicious! Erika was very excited we bought them.

Beer snacks - Dried squid, chili rice crackers and peanuts.

Fried sweet potato and ice cream - A not so appealing taste sensation.

Coke - The coke tasted like it came from a bottle! So much better than regular cans.

Blendy - Iced coffee. Bitter and milky, the way iced coffee should be.

1 litre Asahi - Why can't we get that here?!

Pocky - That does indeed say 'Brazilian Pudding' flavour (What is Brazilian pudding?). I also tried blueberry flavour but it wasn't nearly as good. Not photo worthy. New and improved pocky was in fact new and improved. Smaller pretzel with richer, smoother chocolate. Delicious.


kt mac said...

oh wow! so much interesting food, some of it looks pretty goos. but that green doughnut gives me the creeps!! :)

kt mac said...


katie said...

Wow, so inspiring, thanks for posting all these pics and descriptions. I can't wait to try some of these on our trip!

shan said...

I love trying treats from other countries, so I loved this post! My friend in Taiwan sends me packs of great savory crunchy noodle snacks. I dont know the name, but they rule!
We actually have the soy joy bars here in the states. They just started selling them in the grocery stores. I guess they are soy power bars or something. I got a cupon recently to try a free bar... not too bad.. but not great either lol.
~shannon (R.I. USA)

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A picture tells a thousand words, so this will be a
pictorial post of some of the snacks we had in Japan.