Thursday, 3 July 2008

My favourite sewing tutorials all in the one spot

Ack! I have several links to tutorials of things I want to make (or have made and want to remember where I found them), but I just can't keep up. So I'm dumping them here in a central location.
  • Craftzine: The ultimate idea and tutorial site!
  • Craft apron: I made a couple of these for cousins of mine at Christmas. A fantastic tutorial. I want to make one for myself.
  • Tissue box cover: This looks so easy. Why haven't I made myself one sooner? My office would be so much cooler with one of these.
  • Tutorials for what to do with old pillowcases.
  • Vegbee does some awesome tutes. I really want to make this scoodie!
  • Or maybe try out this scoodie... (instructions down the bottom of the page)
  • Baby softshoes
  • ... and bibs.
  • One Red Robin's pencil and notebook holder: Great idea! She makes such lovely things!
  • A zippered wristlet. For when I go down to the pub, dont' want to carry a whole bag, but don't want to lose my wallet either.
  • A simple sling bag that looks very pretty.
  • A snack bag. Such a great idea and so quick and simple! I love my snacks but hate using those ziplock bags all of the time.


kt mac said...

so many great ideas here!

I do not think I should of looked at any of my sewing list of things I want to try is really big!

stevesmith said...

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