Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Trombones and not-so-senile grandmas

Gib's grandma was visiting on he weekend. She's one of those cool grandmas: she's feisty, witty, out socialising with her friends every day, out walking every day and she is always up for trying new things. For example, she went to see Gib's cousin's band play at the Espy and was even doing the devil horns! But at 89, she's sometimes not so sharp, the memory is going a bit.

We were sitting around having dinner. I'd cooked up some pumpkin soup and toast and were were all quiet, busy eating. Then, out of blue, Grandma announces "I love trombone!". We all stopped and gravely looked at each other. We thought Grandma had totally lost her marbles this time.

It took some time, but we eventually worked out that she hadn't actually lost the plot and that a trombone is a type of pumpkin, similar to a butternut. Amazing, who'd have thought? Then last night we were wandering through the fruit and veg section of our local Safeway, and for the first time ever I saw a trombone pumpkin, sitting on the shelf. I think it must be a new line because it was on the top shelf in the top corner (where they put all "new" and "unusual" produce).

Unfortunately I don't have a photo because my mother has my camera cable at the moment! So here are photos of trombones from here and here.

One another note, while we were standing at the checkout, I noticed that at the end of every single aisle was some form of junk food on special: chips, chocolate biscuits, slabs of cola, more chips. Then above every aisle was their slogan: Safeway the fresh food people.



Jenaveve said...

That gave me a good old belly laugh! What a rockin' Grandma (literally). But the Trombone thing... when you all caught on she probably thought you were the ones losing their marbles. I like her!

Yep, don't you love it? As soon as I get near the checkout I 'sense' the chocolate and lollies before I even see them. Fresh food people... yeah right.

straykat said...

Oh the "Fresh food people" have you noticed their "fresh" new jingle? Same tune now with more lyrics

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