Sunday, 1 June 2008

How odd.

As I was walking home from the shops yesterday, I did a double take when I spotted this:

Cool, eh?


kt mac said...

wow that is so random!

also thanks for your comment on my latest post.
I feel for you with your car problems!! some cars just have real attitudes huh? I just picked up the new car yesterday it is a Hyundai excel. I downgraded so I could get the camera without digging into my savings. But like you I don't drive that much as work is only 5 mins from home and if we go anywhere else we usually take Morgan's car.

and thanks for the information about the camera - i will definetly look into the Canon. Are you going to get a new camera too??

have a great week
kt :)

Beth J said...

I hope the Hyundai doesn't give you problems this time. Not as fun as a civic, but more reliable perhaps?

Mmm, I want to get a new camera but doubt I'll be getting one in the near future... I'm aiming for Christmas. Unless Gib's dad wants to upgrade and sell on his 350D to us!

daydream lily said...

oo what an awesome find.

and hello, I found your blog via meet me at mikes. Im a sicence student too :-)