Monday, 16 June 2008

A week in my kitchen: Green canisters

Each day this week I'm going to post about the things I love in my kitchen. They're things that keep me inspired, that keep me coming back to the kitchen to bake and cook and make the whole experience of experimenting with food that much more interesting. Some of the things in my kitchen have been passed on through the family, others are relatively new.

But I'm going to kick it all off with these green and brown canisters. I think they were given to my parents as a wedding present. There are four of them: two big ones, two little ones. They have always lived on a shelf next to the door leading to the laundry from the kitchen, they have always housed the flour and sugar, and have always been labelled with the same little blue labels made using one of those old, dodgy DIY label writers. It was only recently that I realised just how long we'd had them and how good the seals on them still are. The plastic hasn't cracked and the colours definitely haven't faded. Not only that, but it was only recently that I noticed that these canisters are the same colour green as all of the cupboard and pantry doors in our kitchen! I'd looked at them every day during breakfast and dinner time, I'd frequently pulled them down off the shelf for years to use for cooking, and I'd never noticed. It really is quite an outrageous green, but apparently it's an improvement because, before I was born, the cupboard doors were originally painted fuschia pink!

This is one labeled 'Soy grits' from when mum and dad used to follow a Pritikin Diet, but it has always been filled with caster sugar ever since I can remember (how ironic!).


CurlyPops said...

Caster sugar sounds much nicer than soy grits!

Kitty said...

that is hilarious! what on earth are soy grits they sound terrible

Gina said...

I have 2 orange ones of these and you're right about the seals! I use my large for home-made muesli..I've seen quite a few orange but never green.. very nice! :)

Beth J said...

Kitty - In a moment of stupidity, I actually bought soy grits once. I found them in my local asian grocer. When cooked, it had the texture of dog food, and it tasted what I imagine dog food would taste like.

Gina - I've seen the orange ones individually from time to time in op shops, but never green ones. I'd love to find a set of orange ones one day. They're such a vivid orange!