Friday, 6 June 2008

Summer Sassy Apron Received!

My apron arrived in the post late yesterday afternoon. I was very excited... and even moreso when I found out it was from the talented Katie, who has been pottering about here of late, leaving kind words on my blog. I even remember checking out her blog and seeing her ideas for the apron she was making and thinking "THAT'S COOL!" and never knew it was to be destined for me! How cheeky! I absolutely love my apron, and I know it will be getting a great deal of use. I love the texture of the base fabric and the pockets are too damn cute. And the matching tea towels that came with it are equally as cute. I'm tickled pink. Definitely one very lucky girl.

Yesterday morning Gib and I picked up a couple of coconuts that were on special down at the supermarket. We didn't really have any plans for them, I think Gib just wanted an excuse to use power tools in the kitchen, Iron Chef style. But in my parcel Katie also included a recipe for non-alcoholic pineapple pina colada, so I now have a plan for at least one of our coconuts!

Thanks again, Katie!

Might not be posting much over the long weekend. I'm housesitting and I don't think their internet is so crash hot. But I'm staying not far from Mailing Road, Canterbury (there are many coffee, cake, craft and antique shops) and the Camberwell Market so I'll be having too much fun to have time to post. Have a good weekend.


kt mac said...

Hey Beth!
I'm so excited that you love your apron and that it got to you so quickly!! seeings I had to change my idea around at the last minute.

I tried to make it special and as 'you' as I could make it, not too girly but cute, with some cute japanned fabric and being very tricky while posting up pictures of aprons and hoping you would comment on what you liked ;)

and Thanks for the lovely wrap up. hope you have fun cooking and crafting in it!

kt mac said...