Friday, 20 June 2008

Absorbing another fabric stash

One of my mum's friends, who she does embroidery with, has invited me to help clear out her fabric stash tomorrow afternoon. She told me I can take anything I want. Wow - I'm so excited! This lady has such a great eye for colour, I can't wait to see what her stash is like!

What I'm not so excited about is the dentist appointment I have in 2 hours time (I haven't been to the dentist in 12 years! Half my lifetime ago!).

Update: So I'm going to need six- yes, six fillings - and most likely have wisdom teeth removed (one is growing sideways!). That's what I get for not going for so long. It's so frustrating, I'm so anal about my dental care! My denist thinks I might be able to get it all done at once, if I do need wisdom teeth removed, but he's just waiting on the x-rays. That'd be nice, because I really don't want to be conscious if I have to have all of that done. Yikes! Sounds expensive too.


CurlyPops said...

Good Luck at the dentist....with any luck, everything will be perfect!

kt mac said...

aww lucky you... can I come too :)

and good luck getting all those fillings and wisdom teeth done ouch!
I think I have got a hole at the moment too :(

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