Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A week in my kitchen: Global Knives

Gib gave these to me as a birthday present a couple of years ago and they make my cooking experiences an absolute joy. In my opinion, if you are going to spend any decent amount of money on just one thing in your kitchen, it should be your knives. They make everything from cutting your sandwiches in the morning to carving up a roast beef (or an awkward quince, for a non-meat reference) just so easy and enjoyable.

Globals are superbly balanced, surprisingly light in weight, keep their sharpness for longer, owing to the fact they're pressed as one piece instead of forged, and are made of a harder alloy of steel than, say, a Wusthof. Consequently I now hate cooking in other people's kitchens if they have blunt knives. I have come off second best to them a few times - they cut down to the bone so easily, like your finger was never there at all, but thankfully they cut so cleanly that even deep cuts heal quite fast. I keep strict rules regarding the use of my knives by other people and they're one of the few items I am fiercely protective of: whenever I go away I make sure to take my knives with me so no one else can use them!


Nichole said...

I am so with you on this! My mother in law's knives are so blunt they might as well be spatulas. Due to the frustration caused when I visit (and invariably I am always asked to cook while I'm there!) I take my globals with me. And god help anyone caught mis-using my knives!! mwa-ha-ha!!

bingness said...

Ok so i know your talking about quality knives and i have no idea if these are but tell me you have seen the voodoo knife block, and also tell me you think it is most excellent!

Beth J said...

hahaha yes! I have a giggle every time I see them in the shops. You know, I've often thought that it'd be worth putting up with crap knives just to have an awesome knife block like this in my kitchen! Love it.

Jenaveve said...

Great tip... we're in the market for a new block of knives, and after the frypan / saucepan set fiasco recently, it was all getting a little bit too hard to choose!

Beth J said...

I was flicking through catalogues today and noticed Global knives on sale (up to 50% off!!) in Matchbox. http://www.matchbox.com.au/ Now would be the time to buy your knives with all of the midyear sales that are on!

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