Sunday, 3 August 2008

This is... my trade secret

Here is my trade secret: sharp utensils. They don't have to be the most expensive brands out there, but it does mean keeping your cutting utensils cleaned, maintained and put away after use and only using them for their intended purpose. But apart from that, having sharp utensils makes everything easier and less frustrating.

In the kitchen: Sharp knives

I know I've mentioned these before, but honestly, cooking is just so much more enjoyable with a good sharp set of knives.
  • You don't mash/hack your food up (i.e. tomatoes, pastry)
  • It makes chopping quicker
  • It makes chopping and slicing effortless (slicing carrots is a dream and pumpkin is a breeze)
  • Your shoulders, hands and forearms don't get sore because your knives do all of the work

In the sewing room: Sharp scissors

It wasn't until I bought a pair of "good" scissors myself that I understood what my mum meant by "Don't use the good scissors!". I found that after using my sharp scissors on everything, they quickly became blunt and then I had to fork out for getting them sharpened. Lesson learned: only use them for their indended purpose (oh, and I guess "listen to my mother" is another lesson there too! Heehee).

  • You don't hack up or drag threads on your fabric
  • You take the load off your hands and forearms
  • When you cut your sewing threads, the end is cut cleanly and makes it easier to thread needles

In the garden: Sharp secateurs, hacksaws

  • You can prune your plants cleanly. If the branches are "hacked" and end up with frayed bits, it increases the chances of infection.
  • Saves you buckets of time
  • It makes pruning even more fun!
Thank you to Angela at Three Buttons for hosting 'This is' and also to Amelia for picking this week's theme! Looking forward to reading everyone else's little gems...!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love your cutting implements - an excellent trade secret. And those Global knives look pretty serious! I have been meaning to get everything I own sharpened ... kitchen knives, pinking shears, dress-making scissors, secateurs ... the lot. Its going to cost a fortune!

Jenaveve said...

Oooh, Global knives... I was thinking the other day that we should upgrade and these look mighty fine.

sparklygreenknickers said...

I love your knives - they are high on my wish list for the kitchen. Love them!

Gina said...

Nice knives! Would love a set like that..I thoroughly agree with the need for sharp tools! :D